Digital Menu Boards: Should Your Restaurant Use Digital Signage?

In order to manage queues and minimize wait times, counter service and fast-food restaurants require clear and precise digital menu display of items so that customers are prepared when their orders are being taken. The main criterion in this market segment remains the speed of signage software. To increase the speed of digital menus software, all interior elements are important: from properly distributed seats to wide entrance doors, from the number of service desks to the speed of a visitor deciding what to order. It is difficult to imagine modern fast food without a digital sign with the names of dishes and prices. Gradually, these digital signs are evolving from written signs and paper menus to digital information board.

Digital Menu Board

Digital Menu Board

The effectiveness of Digital Signage (Digital Menu Boards) has been proven repeatedly and on the Internet you can even find qualitative and quantitative indicators of business growth using such media content. But I would like to note that the important thing is not the mere presence of the information display software with a beautiful dynamic picture, but, nevertheless, a correctly thought out algorithm for using such digital signage devices and its role in daily work. Such tool provides wide opportunities for the content distribution and emphasis. This is not just a classic Digital Signage, it is an intelligent assistant or even an intermediary between a client and a restaurant.

Such an assistant, combined with audio content, helps the visitor quickly find out what dishes are available in a given period of time (breakfast, lunch, dinner), what’s new in the menu, what special offers are available as part of the loyalty program. These factors affect customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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Digital Signage Content management is not just beautiful pictures or nice music, it’s a reliable assistant to achieve sales objectives.