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Digital Signage: A Powerful Tool to Increase Sales

September 10, 2020

Digital signage is no longer just a video screen - it is a highly influential marketing tool that requires a scientific approach to maximize its effectiveness. The right content management has a powerful influence over sales growth. But just like in all areas of marketing, we must take an analytical approach and make data-driven decisions that shift with the market.

Digital Signage in Healthcare

September 09, 2020

Using the Digital Signage system properly healthcare facility will be able to effectively manage visitors traffic and time. Selling of additional service packs, and/or ads for related and auxiliary industry segments will increase profitability. Not only healthcare facility, but clients themselves will have benefits out of the use of the technology, since they will receive plenty of useful and important information along with time savings and care for the clients.

How Digital Signage Helps Attract More Customers and Increase Sales on the Gas Station

July 03, 2020

Traditional petrol stations have expanded to provide more services than just a place to refuel a car. Service station offerings have expanded to include minimarkets, pre-prepared food, fast food restaurants, sit-down full service restaurants and other expanded services people need when traveling. With full-service offerings, customers can take advantage of the convenience of grabbing something to eat, aromatic coffee, sundry items and other services while taking a break from the road.

How To Drive Sales In the Automotive Retail Industry With Digital Signage

June 23, 2020

The automotive industry actively uses media content at car dealerships. TV screens containing advertising content of new models and services is a common method for providing auxiliary sales assistance and visitor engagement onsite. This visual component plays an important role while interacting with the client. Video walls, large monitors and mobile devices, such as tablets, are common sales aids in most automotive showrooms.

How Digital Signage Content Can Boost Supermarket Sales

June 01, 2020

Informational digital displays screens are often located near the retail store entrance, as well as in the corridors throughout the store co-located with actual products. It is effective to use such tv screen advertising software in separate sections with an emphasis on special offers located in that part of the store. Using the interactive touch digital screens near point of sale kiosks, customers can provide information about the level of service, prices and comments which can improve the customer experience.

Digital Menu Boards: Should Your Restaurant Use Digital Signage?

May 22, 2020

In order to manage queues and minimize wait times, counter service and fast-food restaurants require clear and precise digital menu display of items so that customers are prepared when their orders are being taken.