Digital Signage: A Powerful Tool to Increase Sales

A comprehensive study of the human brain shows that if we hear a piece of information, we will remember only 10% of it after three days; add a picture, and over the same time period we will remember 65%. Companies use various tools to increase sales in today’s competitive race for customers. One of these important tools is digital signage, displaying audiovisual content on a screen to support the cycle of selling goods or services.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

The use of screens to supply content has become an integral part of modern living. It is not uncommon to have 7 screens in our everyday lives, including 2 TVs, 2 smartphones, a tablet and computer monitors at work and at home. Plus, wherever we go – be it to the office, a shopping center, a store, a train station, a travel agency, a clinic, and more – we encounter digital audiovisual advertising. We are constantly receiving a barrage of input. So how do advertisers ensure their message gets through to their audience, especially when humans are able to grasp only a fraction of the information delivered? This is achieved by ensuring that the message is targeted to convey the most important and necessary information over a specific unit of time. 

When preparing promotional campaigns for digital signage devices, it is important to focus on delivering a highly relevant offer to your specific target audience within a brief timeframe – one that will hold their attention. Considering the information overload that a person receives on a daily basis, an accurately targeted offer presented in a tight, digestible timeframe will have the desired effect of increasing interest in your goods or services. 

To optimize your content, it is necessary to clearly and correctly establish your ideal buyer profile and purchase algorithm. For example, consider a retail outlet whose customer base generally makes in-store visits for informational purposes only, preferring to make their purchases through an online catalog. (This practice may be related to the type of goods or services offered, the company’s service algorithm or other factors.) This retail outlet may be interested in encouraging the growth of their in-store sales, because this allows them to sell related products or services that the client may have traditionally bought from competitors. To build a successful campaign for this retailer, these criteria need to be analyzed in conjunction with the average time spent at the retail outlet and the total load of the outlet itself. For example, a clothing store may be able to handle a load of 10-20 people at a time, a supermarket 1,000 people and a travel agency 5 people or less – and the time people spend in these different outlets will also vary greatly. 

Considering all the above factors, an optimal campaign proposal can be formed to achieve the result of transferring purchases from online to offline. To do so, we may use digital signage solutions to promote additional services and offers that are not available online. Conversely, we can also use digital signage app to drive online sales, by highlighting the benefits of buying online to those visiting the retail store. Besides this, using a digital signage app could improve upselling.

To analyze the results of the promotional campaign, we would check key performance indicators within specific time intervals: day, week, month, quarter. If the desired goal has not been achieved, we would re-analyze the data, adjust the proposal and re-launch the campaign. 

Digital signage is no longer just a video screen - it is a highly influential marketing tool that requires a scientific approach to maximize its effectiveness. The right content management has a powerful influence over sales growth. But just like in all areas of marketing, we must take an analytical approach and make data-driven decisions that shift with the market. Society is constantly changing, and what worked a year ago may no longer be relevant today. So it is critical that all key factors be considered to achieve maximum results.

Digital signage content management is not just beautiful images or catchy music, it is a reliable catalyst to achieve both your online and offline sales objectives. Simple and durable, flexible and cost-effective, digital signage solutions like DWall.Online will help you build your own success story.