How Digital Signage Helps Attract More Customers and Increase Sales on the Gas Station

Traditional petrol stations have expanded to provide more services than just a place to refuel a car. Service station offerings have expanded to include minimarkets, pre-prepared food, fast food restaurants, sit-down full-service restaurants, and other expanded services people need when traveling. With full-service offerings, customers can take advantage of the convenience of grabbing something to eat, aromatic coffee, sundry items, and other services while taking a break from the road.

Interior of a Speedy Cafe (C) Marathon Patroleum

Interior of a Speedy Cafe (C) Marathon Patroleum

With the growth of the services offered, refueling complexes are expanding a new market segment. As a mini shopping complex for motorists, utilizing a content display system that integrates with marketing objectives, items can be effectively promoted to customers based on a variety of sales objectives. Appealing and informational, DWall.Online can promote items that vary throughout opening hours. Accordingly, the requirements for content display systems in this segment are very high.

Content management combined with sales and marketing objectives can increase sales within service stations. Utilizing appealing content and design, large screens replace more traditional marketing displays within the station. Screens can display content that emphasizes goods and services, increasing customer purchases as they rush through the station. Tempting customers with service offerings, or enticing them with specials and offers, increase sales.

Screens located within the complex can broadcast both primary and third-party advertising throughout the service areas. The return of investment by installing a content management display system throughout the extended marketplace is easily realized.

As mentioned above, the refueling complex actively integrates with fast food and other services. Digital menus, market specials, and other services can be effectively displayed to the customer. There is no limit to creativity, these are beautiful bright media displays that can provide dynamically generated specials, menus, services such as washing or automotive repairs, quality control, and other promotions.

The effectiveness of integrated Digital Signage at service stations has been proven. Such systems increase sales and average spend per visit, that combined with loyalty programs not only provides a better customer experience but increased brand allegiance.

Simple, flexible, and cost-effective solutions like DWall.Online will help you build your own success story.

Digital Signage Content management is not just beautiful pictures or nice music, it’s a reliable assistant to achieve sales goals.