Digital Signage Solutions for Cinemas

Movies still occupy one of the largest segments of entertainment market. Most probably this trend will not change neither today, nor in 100 years. Quality movies anchor us by its permanent source of creativity and fantasy, and everyone could choose his favorite line here. Cinema going has not lost its appeal due to the growing Internet technology, and, as the latter is boosting fast, we still are fascinated by a wide screen picture, and by munching popcorn and having fun. Movie theaters, like other types of leisure and entertainment facilities are fighting for clients by means of improving quality of services and widening their range. All these things should improve customer satisfaction.

Digital Signage for Movie Theaters

Digital Signage for Movie Theaters

The use of media content management system plays an important role in the competition. Digital signage enables various options in retrieving loyalty to a specific place or to a chain of movie theaters. The primary application of such systems is digital menu boards at food courts, box office zones, interior in-built screens with movie trailers or digital posters indicating first performance dates, interactive data collection and booking systems. Each of the listed placements is aimed at a different task, e.g. screens at the box office assist to make decision on free seats and showtime. Booking systems aimed at reduction of an average ticket buying time could help if the box office area is overcrowded. The video wall could show new movie trailers to engage people to visit the cinema again in the future. Naturally, the equipment working there should be integrated with the database on site and should be designed to work with dynamically changing information.

In parallel, digital menu boards perform their own tasks displaying snacks and drinks thus cutting down time of communication to concessioners, which prevents long lines and congestion minimizing customer servicing time.

Large HD displays placed around the theater free area inform cinema goers on expected first performances and latest releases, as well as on extra services on the site. Juicy image of HD quality heats up spectators' interest to the next performances.

It is for a long time already that digital signage use in movie theatres has become an ordinary routine for cinema goers, but we often underestimate the important role of that systems in comfort staying in and evoking maximum of positive emotions in the visitors.

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Digital Signage Content management is not just beautiful pictures or nice music, it’s a reliable assistant to achieve sales objectives.