Improve communication

Optimize your content delivery and maximize your exposure.

  • Reach more customers
  • Get more ROI from your display
  • Keep your audience informed
  • Deliver timely, targeted messages
  • Sell more products and services
  • Increase your bottom line

Digital Signage

DWall.Online is a powerful business tool that enables you to communicate with existing and potential clients. Deliver dynamic, targeted and timely content directly on your displays.



  • Room availability and pricing
  • Local and international news, weather and times
  • Directory of hotel facilities and way-finding information
  • Event messages and guest greetings
  • Conference room reservation system and signage
  • Advertising of hotel services in public areas and elevators



  • Doctors’ schedules
  • Procedure and examination schedules
  • Directory of medical facilities and way-finding information
  • Advertising of related services, such as therapies and insurance



  • Important information, promotions and news
  • Directories and way-finding signage
  • Assigning of zones targeted to specific products or customer groups
  • Advertising of sales, goods and services



  • Class and exam schedules
  • Department and university/college event calendars
  • Sports and cultural event schedules
  • Information for students and parents
  • Device allocation by floor or department



  • Theaters, cinemas, museums, amusement parks and shopping malls
  • Information about performances and events
  • Updates about availability and tickets
  • Digital menus and way-finding information
  • Advertising of additional services or third-party advertisers



  • Digital menu boards to illustrate selection variety
  • TV screens with light video content
  • Light music to create a comfortable atmosphere
  • Advertising of menu features and specials

Supported Devices

Get Started in 3 simple steps

01Screen connection

  • Fast device connection
  • Individual ID
  • Groups creation

02Media download

  • Drag-and-Drop
  • Video, Images, URL, Widgets
  • Downloading from any device


  • By device or by groups
  • Easy management
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Why DWall.Online?

Our Features

Live Content Updates

Content can be updated at any time from any device


Detailed statistics on specific content or device for the time period

Support Several Platforms

Simultaneous support for multiple endpoint platforms

Offline Operation

Offline playback of downloaded content in line with the schedule is enabled

Cloud-based Software

A simple and flexible solution that doesn’t require additional server capacity for content or management

Database Integration

DWall.Online can interface with multiple databases and transmit actively changing data

Choose the best plan for you

Flexible options to suit any business.

DWall 10

$10/ device
  • Up to 10 devices supported
  • Up to 3 Gb space for content
  • Up to 3 Gb traffic limit per month – per device

DWall 25

$9/ device
  • 11-25 devices supported
  • Up to 10 Gb space for content
  • Up to 7 Gb traffic limit per month – per device

DWall Plus

Get a Quote
  • 26+ devices supported (up to 30 000 devices support in one account)
  • Get a quote for space
  • Get a quote for traffic

We are open for a partnership

  • Creating your own client network
  • Get technical assistance and support
  • Training available
  • Separate partners interface
  • Special commercial conditions
  • White labeling

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