Digital signage remote content management tool for business and sales growing.

Dynamic, targeted and timely content delivered directly to your TVs and tablets.

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Dynamic content delivery how you want it, where you want it, when you want it.

Optimize your content and delivery using our powerful content creation and scheduling tools.

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Manage any number of devices from anywhere

  • Deliver your content to any Smart TV* or Android device
  • Connect to your devices in under 1 minute
* currently supports Samsung SSSP 4.0 devices, but we are busy adding new platforms. Check with us for updates!

Manage your broadcasts from anywhere

  • Pre-schedule your timely promotions
  • Send content to devices around the globe
  • Refresh messages often, or run infinitely

How It Works?

All you need is an internet connection to manage media content, planning and broadcasts on any number of devices.

Wifi connection

Secure, cloud-based software

Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP)

Landscape or portrait display

Multimedia uploading

Intuitive broadcast planning

Simplified media playlist creation

Multi-display broadcasting

Who Needs

For businesses that want to feature timely and targeted advertisements, special offers, or announcements.

Use it With Displays

Multi-store businesses or petroleum chains can send advertisements, special offers and announcements to the displays, and schedule changes and updates suited to any time zone.

Use it With Tablets

Retailers, restaurants or professional offices that use tablets can feature offerings, menu items, promotions or additional services. Content can appear as wallpaper, screen savers or ads, and change depending on promotion or time of day. is ideal for:

  • Chain retailers with in-store displays
  • Petroleum chains with in-pump and in-store displays
  • Restaurants with menu tablets and displays
  • Food chains with menu and special offer displays
  • Chain retailers and professional offices with tablets
  • And more!

Get started in 3 simple steps:

It only takes 3 steps to connect your device(s) to

  • 1

    Create a ‘New Device’ using the app

  • 2

    Start a URL launcher on your TV and enter the code sent from the app

  • 3

    Upload content to the app and send it to the TV

You can manage display devices and media content from any computer with

Try it for free and get:

  • 10 device licenses for one month
  • 1GB of cloud storage