Digital Signage for Mobile Devices Stores

Mobile devices market, in its blistering pursuit for a buyer, develops in two directions, i.e. producers are actively promoting their brands by advertising new achievements and by competitively manufacturing new models, whilst the sellers are competing with each other in price, special actions, loyalty programs, comfortable and handy showrooms, and stores and /or Internet portals.

Rarely one may find a customer making his mind on a smartphone model while in a store. Practically everybody, in our days, prior to the purchase identifies for himself several models judging the budget, trustworthy brand, and a few most crucial technicalities of the models. It means that in fact the choice has already been made, the only question now is where and when, to buy. Coming to a shopping mall for a new suit and passing by a shop with a displayed offer of a special discount for the model chosen, the buyer may easily buy it, instead of shelving.

Digital Signage for Cell Phone Stores

Digital Signage for Cell Phone Stores

Big home electronics stores, for instance, put a stake on this segment in their advertising campaign. They place a mobile device department at the very entrance, for a customer to go through it at least twice. Moreover, this is only in human nature that coming to the store for whatever we have to buy, we usually drop into the mobile gadget department. For the only reason – to have a look on the latest models of the brand we like, their design and user-friendliness. This is an important part of consumer behavior.

Digital Signage systems offer help to off-line sellers, including mobile network operators. Let us look at the way the media content control solutions may be used efficiently in a view of getting clients and push up sales.

Shop Window

A large screen placed in a shop window or a video wall advertising the latest offer captures passer-by attention, both in a shopping mall or a busy street. It is not enough, though, as often the content is the same they had in their TVs or Internet and most of them have already seen that. It means it would be hard to herd the clients to the store unless there will be exclusive content present on the screen. The exclusive content may contain promo actions for certain items in the range of goods. Speaking of mobile device stores, these certain items may be mobile devices, accessories, service packages and bonuses from providers, and auxiliary goods.

In the Shop Interior 

The mere fact that a potential buyer has entered the store is evidence he is driven with already shaped intention or a need to buy. Now we should apply changes to the concept. Namely: an advertising medium must be present in each department of the store displaying a video content, which is relevant to the department. Sales promo actions, special offers, concentration on the most marginal products. Some 15-20% of the display time may be allocated for the other categories, e.g. mobile device department could deal with mobile providers' packages, as well as with headsets and power banks, and it is only logical.

Mobile Devices Shelf

The shelf displaying the gadgets as such deserves special attention. Smartphones displayed there are usually stored in a standby mode, with a few models playing manufacturer's content. And if you connect the shelf to the common Digital Signage system of the store, the shelf becomes brighter and more attractive. The load to the screen matrix may be decreased by means of deliberately selected content and playback algorithm (it could be even user-generated content). Moreover, device price and specifications could be displayed directly in the screens if you choose to integrate DWall Online Retail Mode solution in the company database. Not only this option fulfils the main task of content management, but also it protects against locking the device (with fingerprint, face ID, PIN), creating a user account , and could clean up content left by the users (photo/video).

Bright content will animate your shelf and will anchor customers, which in its turn will be positively reflected in sales results.

It is worth to mention rather strict requirements to the software designed for content management, i.e. it must be easy to operate, but at the same time it should support many devices, each with its own operating system.

Digital Signage use in specialized stores for mobile devices and accessories makes a point of unique and up-to-date shape of this specific chain of stores, enabling easier communication with the customers, as well as increases traffic and sales volumes. The centralized control system enables users to pick up this and that article and highlight them, depending on the specifics of the trade outlet location or concept.

Simple and durable, flexible and cost-effective solutions like DWall.Online will help you build your own success story. 

Digital Signage Content Management is not just beautiful pictures or nice music, it’s a reliable assistant to achieve sales objectives and to improve customer engagement.