Digital Signage for Ski Resorts

Winter is coming, and once again we muse a dream of spending a few marvelous days skiing or snowboarding, enjoying the beauties of nature and inhaling fresh mountain air. This is a winter holidays time, and overpopulated ski resorts face an uneasy challenge of making everybody of the numbered winter-relax fans comfortable.  

Digital Signage systems play an important role in this task. They are the first to welcome guests, help them get information on the hotel services and weather, news, and on the data related to the ski trails occupancy, and ski lifts.

Digital Signage in Ski Resort

Digital Signage in Ski Resort

Outdoor all-weather screens placed all around the venue would not only display various info, but also serve as ads for the hotel and resort partners side services. E.g. travel agencies often place their info on the tours and nearby highlights and beauty sites.

Info digital screens are placed at ski equipment rental points, jointly with the smart data display system, which in its turn is integrated in the data keeping system of the installation set. They promptly give visitors info on vacant ski equipment and garments, thus cutting down service time and avoiding long lines.

High brightness big digital boards near the ski lifts inform guests on ski trail conditions, weather, trail occupancy, thus giving them fresh information and a chance to change their plans in time.

The info on the outdoor screens is duplicated by the indoor screens. The indoor screens also may show a separate content related to certain indoor events, like concerts and shows by the showbiz stars, master classes, and entertainments for children.

Touch screen displays are often used with the Digital Signage set. Touch screens enable visitors to self-register for the events, or to make bookings of ski equipment, call a taxi, or ask for a room service.

The vital component of the said system is a media content control software. It must be an easy handling multi platform solution able to integrate different type screens having different functionality into a single piece of infrastructure.

Digital Signage system efficacy for ski resorts could not be overestimated. Naturally, one cannot find words of appreciation specifically for the fact such systems are being installed, in clients' feedback. But, if a customer feels fine, comfortable and cozy, he will definitely write about that, e.g.:

 "…in spite of many people stayed in I haven't seen long lines …"

"…there was very handy and comfortable, you easily find out where to go for better skiing …"

"…endless master classes, so it is easy to find a time slot and plan beforehand …"

"…the weather was bad, but me and my family, we had a high time with a sightseeing tour that we booked beforehand …" etc.

Comments of the kind is an indirect evidence of the fact that Digital Signage do its job excellent way, which means the use of these systems adds to the appreciation of the resort in the customers, whilst advertising of the resort own additional services and/or partner services brings sustainable extra income.

Simple and durable, flexible and cost-effective solutions like DWall.Online will help you build your own success story. 

Digital Signage Content Management is not just beautiful pictures or nice music, it’s a reliable assistant to achieve sales objectives.

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